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About NDRA
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NDRA was designed to cater for the needs of racers and their pitcrews.

For racers by racers

Our mission statement reads as follows: 

To manage speedway motor sport in Australia to the highest level of professionalism by devising, implementing and enforcing regulations set down by government and regulatory bodies that maintain the sports integrity and to keep the sport fair, open and safe for competitors, pit crews and officials. Whilst ensuring the clubs, associations and promoters act in a manor that will make this sport promotable and safe for spectators.

To make speedway more attractive and rewarding whilst encouraging greater involvement and participation to a wide cross section of the Australian community. Make available to competitors, promoters and associations insurance products that are not only cost effective but also meets the minimum standards to ensure all parties have adequate cover.

Promote classes, divisions and associations, which affiliate to the wide cross section of the Australian community.

To become a member of NDRA click on the download forms section and print and fill in the form.  Please send it in to be processed with a passport photo.   By becoming a member you will be put on our email list for regular updates.

National Dirt Racers Association Inc.
Incorporation No: INC9875522
Registered Office of NDRA: PO Box 222 Penrith NSW 2751
Phone: 02 4722 2552       Fax: 02 4721 5665
e-mail: hq@ndra.com.au
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